Rythu Bandhu Scheme Telangana 2023

The Telangana government has implemented the Rythu Bandhu Scheme to support farmers across the state. The scheme provides direct benefit transfers to verified farmer accounts twice a year to help them purchase necessary inputs. Read on to understand the Rythu Bandhu scheme objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, application process, required documents, and more details for 2023.

The Telangana Rythu Bandhu scheme was launched in 2018 under the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao. The objective is to alleviate farmer distress and boost the rural economy by providing direct income support to land-owning farmers. The income support aims to meet expenditure on crop cultivation expenses twice a year through direct benefit transfers to verified farmers’ bank accounts.

About Rythu Bandhu Scheme


The primary objectives of the Rythu Bandhu scheme 2023 are:

  • Provide assured financial assistance to land-owning farmers
  • Relieve farmers of debt burdens to private moneylenders
  • Enable farmers to procure quality inputs, seeds, fertilizers etc.
  • Promote agriculture productivity and production
  • Reduce farmer suicides due to financial distress

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Eligible Farmers

The following categories of farmers are eligible for the Rythu Bandhu scheme:

  • Landowning farmers with cultivable land holdings
  • Original land assignees and land buyers under Land Reforms Act
  • Inherited land owners with proper land records

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Ineligible Farmers

The following categories are not eligible for the Rythu Bandhu direct benefit transfer:

  • Tenant farmers and lease holders
  • Farmers with non-agriculture lands
  • Farmers owning lands across state border areas
  • Government employees or pensioners

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Benefits

The major benefits offered by the Rythu Bandhu scheme 2023 are:

  • Direct income support of ₹5000 per acre per season to meet crop cultivation expenses
  • Reduces dependence on private moneylenders and reduces debt burden
  • Farmers can spend assistance amount flexibly on inputs as per need
  • Enhances affordable access to quality inputs, seeds, fertilizers etc.
  • Helps farmers adopt latest technology for higher productivity
  • Arrests decline in cultivation area under crops
  • Mitigates financial distress and enables risk management

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Amount

Under the scheme, every farmer in Telangana receives ₹5000 financial assistance per acre per season for two seasons – rabi and kharif, subject to a maximum of 2 acres of land holding.

Disbursement of Funds

  • The Telangana government directly transfers the Rythu Bandhu scheme amount to the registered bank accounts of land owning farmers
  • The fund disbursal takes place two times a year before the rabi and kharif sowing seasons
  • Benefited small and marginal farmer families utilize the amounts to purchase crop inputs as per necessity

Application Procedure

Farmers meeting the eligibility criteria need to follow a one-time registration process to avail Rythu Bandhu scheme benefits.

Registration Process

Here are the steps for farmers to register under the scheme:

  • Visit nearest Rythu Bandhu registration center
  • Submit duly filled application form along with land records and documents
  • Farmer registration details get digitally verified
  • Process registration acknowledgement receipt

Required Documents

Farmers need to submit self-attested photocopies of following documents:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Patta certificate or land records
  • Bank account passbook copy with IFSC code
  • Mobile number linked to bank account

Online Apply

Eligible farmers can directly apply online at the official portal with land records and bank account details to register.

Registration Form

The Rythu Bandhu scheme 2023 registration form can be downloaded from portal or collected from Agriculture Extension Officer. Fill required farmer details like name, land survey number, extent of land (acres), bank account number etc. properly before submission.

Farmer Passbooks

Under the scheme, the Telangana government issues smart Rythu Bandhu passbooks reflecting land ownership details, Aadhaar-linked bank account, and amount eligibility. Farmers can track their passbook for real time status of financial assistance transfers.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Rythu Bandhu direct benefit transfer, beneficiaries must fulfil following criteria:

  • Be an original land assignee or landowner involved in agriculture activities
  • Have lawful ownership rights of agricultural land parcels
  • Maximum land extent eligible is 5 acres per farmer family
  • Land plots should be located within state geographic borders
  • Must furnish necessary land records during registration

Land Records

Farmers need to submit any one of following as proof of lawful land ownership:

  • Pattadar passbook – Reflects land details along with passbook number
  • Adangal or 1B report – Provides survey number and location
  • FMB sketches – Shows land parcel site map

Key Features of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Some key features of the innovative farmer income support scheme are:

  • Untied assistance: Farmers free to spend amount on any cultivation expenses as per need
  • Inclusive approach: Covers over 58 lakh farmers across Telangana without discrimination
  • Transparent mechanism: Digitization ensures accurate identification and timely transfers
  • Conditionality free: Benefits provided with no riders or restrictions imposed

Rythu Bandhu Status

Status Check

Beneficiaries can check their Rythu Bandhu payment status by:

  • Visiting nearest Rythu Bandhu facilitation center
  • Calling help desk numbers
  • Checking passbook entries

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Helpline Number

For Rythu Bandhu registration or payment queries, farmers can contact program help desk at toll free number 1800-599-1111.


The Telangana Rythu Bandhu income support scheme has made a tremendous positive impact providing much needed financial assistance to farmers. The direct benefit transfers give farmers flexibility to purchase quality inputs and reduces indebtedness. With farmers empowered to access latest technologies, enhanced agriculture productivity and production will lead to stronger rural growth and prosperity.

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Q1. Who announced the Rythu Bandhu scheme?

Ans. The Rythu Bandhu scheme was announced by Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao in 2018.

Q2. How many times will the Rythu Bandhu amount be credited annually?

Ans. The financial assistance of ₹5000 per acre will be credited twice a year to eligible farmers before rabi and kharif cropping seasons.

Q3. Can tenant farmers avail Rythu Bandhu scheme benefits?

Ans. No, only land owning farmers with valid agriculture land records are eligible for the direct benefit transfers.

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